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10 Cold Weather Pet Safety Tips

10 Cold Weather Pet Safety TipsWinter can be a magical time. However, if proper precautions are not taken, it can pose several dangers to your pets! This blog will go over some of the most important safety precautions to take to ensure that your furry friends are kept safe and warm during this season.

1. No Damp Tramps

If you use a garment, like a dog sweater, always make sure that it stays dry and change it if it becomes damp. Wet clothing can actually make your pet more cold.

2. Get a Checkup

Bring your pet in for an exam. Cold weather can exacerbate health issues, so getting a checkup is important even for pets that seem healthy.

3. Cats Love Cars

Cats are attracted to the warmth and shelter of cars, so make sure to always tap on the hood to alert any sleeping animals that could be injured when the car starts.

4. Microchip

Snow can affect a pet’s sense of smell and ability to find their way, so microchip your pet and give them an identification tag so they can be returned to you.

5. Be Emergency Ready

Cold weather can also result in some emergency situations, such as a power outage. Make sure that you have an emergency plan for your family that includes your pet.

6. Long Hair, Don’t Care

Never shave your pup down to the skin during the winter time. Their long coats provide much needed warmth. If their fur is unruly, give your dog a small trim.

7. Skip Bath Time

Too much bathing can cause your pets skin to become dry and flaky; they are extra susceptible to skin issues during the winter months. Keep the baths to a minimum and try using a moisturizing shampoo.

8. Protect Those Paws

Before heading outdoors during the winter, protect your pet’s paws. Massage a paw protectant into the pads for protection against chemical agents. Booties are also a great option to fully protect your furry friend’s feet.

9. Keep ‘em on a Leash!

More pets are lost during winter than in any other season. This is because heavy snow and rainfall can obscure the scent trails and markers which they rely on in order to navigate. Be sure that they are microchipped and that their tags are up-to-date to safeguard against worst-case scenarios.

10. Ignite the Night!

Thanks to daylight savings time, many of us end up having to walk our furry friends in the dark. For this reason, it is important to invest in reflective gear for you and your pet. Lowered visibility due to darkness, rain, and snow make it essential to ensure that you will be seen!

Winter is a magical season for many of us, and we all hope that our pets are enjoying themselves as much as we are. With the above tips, you can ensure that they will, and that the whole family will have a wonderful winter! Contact Rock Road Animal Hospital today to schedule your pet’s checkup.



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