How Often Should I Bathe My Dog or Cat

How Often Should I Bathe My Dog or Cat?

Your dog or cat has natural ways of keeping clean without a bath, but this will vary in effectiveness from animal to animal. Cats use the sandpaper texture on their tongues to clear away dirt, and dogs will roll in sand or soil to stimulate the removal of excess hair and debris. Many homeowners, understandably, […]

Tips for Handling Dog Shed

Tips for Handling Dog Shed

We love our dogs, and even thinking about trading them in for a “hair-free home” isn’t an option for most people. Still, the build-up of dog hair shed on literally every surface of your house can be a nuisance. First, it’s important to remember that this isn’t your dog’s fault. All dogs shed because they […]

My Cat Vomits Frequently When To See

My Cat Vomits Frequently: When To See Rock Road Animal Hospital

Most likely, all cat owners have seen their cat occasionally vomit. It most cases, it is an isolated event and not a cause for alarm. The cat perhaps ate too quickly or got too playful too soon after eating. But, if your cat vomits frequently, there may be a serious cause that needs medical attention. […]

Tips to Keep Your Pet Safe This Winter

Tips To Keep Your Pet Safe This Winter

How much trouble can your pet get into during the winter? While your dog or cat may be spending more time inside and around you, accidents can still happen. Chilly seasonal temperatures in St. Louis can affect your pet, especially smaller animals or those that spend a lot of time outside. Meanwhile, a bored dog […]

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