Our new boarding facility is now open!

Address: 9408 St. Charles Rock Road
Phone: 314-801-8119

All campers get 3 potty times, Feeding as requested, no charge for medication. We provide bowls and have blankets in house for the campers.

Additional $10 for early or late pick ups will be added. We only allow 1 hour before or after our business hours.

Bunks: $33.00 per dog per day
Cabins: $43.00 per dog per day
Cat bunks: $18.00 per cat per day
Exotics: $15.00 per pet per day
Playcamp: $23.00 per day, $13 half day

*An Additional $3.00 will be added per day if Pet needs to use our kennel food

Additional camp activities:

S’mores around the campfire: $3.00
Campfire kong: $3.00
Chipwich Ice cream: $4.00
Open-Air play: $5.00
Add-On Playcamp 1/2 day: $13
Cot: $1.00 per day
Snuffle mat: $5.00
Puzzle mind game: $5.00

Care Package Canine: $20.00
Campfire kong, chipwich sandwich, 3 open-air plays. Can be divided up amongst stay.

Pine forest Trail mix: $3.00
Knapsack nip: $1.00
Open-air play: $3.00
Hidey hole: $1.00 per day

Care package feline: $8.00
Pine Forest trail mix, Knapsack nip, 2 open-air play. Can be divided amongst stay.

Infirmary: we do administer medications at no additional charge

We have picture updates on our facebook page, please check daily to see your fur friends progress at camp paws and claws

Playcamp packages:
5 day: $105
10 day: $200
15 day: $270

Camp Paws and Claws – Hours

** Any drop-off or pick-up before or after these hours will be charged a $10 fee **

Monday-Thursday: 8am – 7pm
Friday: 8am – 6pm
Saturday: 8am – 5pm
Sunday: 8am – 4pm

*Grooming appointments by appointment only.

Camp Paws and Claws – Dip in the Lake

Nail Trim: $18 all nail trims are dremeled unless asked otherwise or camper doesn’t tolerate well.
Anal Glands: $21
Ear Cleaning: $13
Ear Plucking: $15
Paw Pad Trimming: $15

All baths include ear cleaning, brush out and blow out.
Standard shampoo is oatmeal and hypo allergenic.
Additional charges may apply due to coat condition.

Bath Only:
Small – $25
Medium – $40
Large – $55
Extra Large – $60

Bath and Nails:
Small – $33
Medium – $48
Large – $63
Extra Large – $70

Shampoo Upgrades:
Plum Silky
Coconut Clean

Brush Outs:
Small dog not matted: $10
Small dog matted: $25

Medium dog not matted: $15
Medium dog matted: $30

Large dog not matted: $25
Large dog matted: $45

Contact boarding manager Areiel at 314-801-8119 or pawsandclawsstl@gmail.com to reserve boarding now!